Mint-short term rentals is a property management & cleaning company specializing in Airbnb listings, located in the Comox Valley, BC Canada. We offer full service management and reliable turnover service.  Everything is covered from creating and optimizing your listing, to 24/7 guest communication.  At Mint, we are excited about the shift towards a sharing economy and financial boost it provides to the local economy.  Big changes have arrived in the way we travel and we are happy to be a part of them!

We remain available to guests around the clock to answer guest questions, solve problems that may arise, and provide overall peace of mind to our homeowners. We have a experienced handy-man on call for maintenance issues.  Always working to ensure a 5 star review experience.

 I'm passionate about Airbnb and the possibilities it creates. 






 HOW I QUIT MY DAY JOB:  Let me introduce myself...  My name is Marlo Coulson, Vancouver Island born & raised. I had  worked as a nurse for 14 years, I have also complained about my job for the majority of that time! 

Beginning with my own property in 2017, I decided to give this Airbnb a try, my long term renter was moving out in my downstairs suite, so this was the perfect time!  I renovated/prepared/furnished the suite ((SIGN-UP to my email list to recieve your own checklist) to have your place 'guest-ready'. When my first guest booked in I had a nervous thrill, 'this could really work' ran through my head.  Well, after many lessons learned, it has proven to be a healthy revenue stream.   I have expanded to a 'tiny home' for my second property offering  Currently providing 'superhost' skills to 3 of my own properties, I believe with determination that our largest assets (homes) can actually work FOR us, not the other way around! 

While I was getting bookings, I remained juggling a day job, at that time I didn't have the option to be home to do turnovers, or available when guests had questions,  I was in need of hosting help myself! 

I understand how valuable the 5* star reviews are to hosts. Myself, alongside detailed and efficient cleaning staff consistently bring the homeowner highly satisfied guests.

Mint- vacation rentals & cleaning has been created from a recognized local need and I am so excited to assist my clients to generate the maximum revenue from their homes!